08 February 2016

Property Investors love Affair with Apartments sees Spending Surge by Nearly $9 Billion in two Years

A Tax Depreciation blog by Paul Bennion.

Property investors continued love affair with apartments has been driving an unprecedented boom in their construction throughout Australia over the past few years. This trend has been highlighted by ABS figures which show that during the two financial years from 2012/2013 to 2014/2015, the value of building approvals for apartments surged by a massive nearly $9 million to $20.1 billion.

01 February 2016

Why it pays to only Employ Professionals when you buy an Investment Property

A Property blog by Paul Bennion.

Having personally owned a number of investment properties, I fully understand the importance of only engaging top professionals for property related matters.When you consider the average price of an investment property is now well over $500,000, investors need to ensure that they employ specialists in the property sector

22 January 2016

Stock Market Uncertainty has Silver Lining for Property Market During 2016

A Finance blog by Paul Bennion.

The uncertainty in the stock market will have a silver lining for the property market as it will encourage more people to invest in property.In recent weeks, the S&P/ASX 200 has fallen below the physiologically important 5,000 barrier which has weighted heavily on investors in the stock market. 

15 January 2016

Cash flow to be Paramount Issue for Property Investors

A Finance blog by Paul Bennion.

One of the biggest challenges that property investors will face during the coming year throughout Australia is boosting their cash flow.This cash flow challenge has been brought on by a trifecta of factors – slow rental growth, low rental returns and a residential building boom that has substantially added to the housing stock.

11 January 2016

2016 Should Be 'Back to Basics' for Australian Property Investors

A Property blog by Paul Bennion.

With the latest property sales data showing that nationally house prices are in decline, property investors need to take a more pragmatic approach to the real estate market during the coming year.

18 December 2015

How to get your foot on the Property Investment Ladder

A Tax Depreciation blog by Paul Bennion.

The latest national property figures show that prices in most capital cities in Australia are now moderating even in boom areas such as Sydney and Melbourne. More competitive property prices means that more first time property investors are now in a better position to get their first foot on the property investment ladder. 

11 December 2015

Christmas Holiday Period is Prime time to buy an Investment Property

A Property blog by .

While most people in the weeks leading up to Christmas are busy buying Christmas properties, a growing band of astute investors throughout Australia are buying properties. Investing in property is everything to do with timing as much as location and the coming holiday period represents a great time to buy an investment property wherever you live in Australia. 

Less than 1% of Investors Succeed in Building a Property Portfolio
04 December 2015

Less than 1% of Investors Succeed in Building a Property Portfolio

A Property blog by Paul Bennion.

In recent years there have been many people in the property sector promoting the importance of building a successful property portfolio to create wealth for retirement.However, the reality is that very few people succeed in building a large property portfolio.

27 November 2015

Nearly $20 Billion Spent on Apartment Building Boom last Financial Year

A Property blog by Paul Bennion.

Australian is currently experiencing a boom in apartment building which is highlighted by the latest ABS figures on new residential building approvals.

20 November 2015

Property Market Becoming a 'Renters Paradise' as Weekly rent Increases fall Below Inflation rate

A Tax Depreciation blog by Paul Bennion.

A major residential building boom has resulted in oversupply of rental properties that is creating a ‘renters paradise’ for people wanting to rent homes in many capital cities throughout Australia.