27 April 2016

'Hidden' Tax Benefits for Property Investors can be Sitting in their own Front Garden

A Tax Depreciation blog by Paul Bennion.

It is estimated that each year hundreds of millions of dollars in legitimate tax benefits are never claimed by property investors throughout Australia. This occurs because many property investors do now use the service of a qualified tax depreciation specialist to identify items throughout their property that can be claimed for tax depreciation purposes.

12 April 2016

How to Boost your Rental Returns During Periods of Rising Vacancy Rates

A Property blog by Paul Bennion.

One of the biggest challenges that many landlords will face over the coming year is finding a suitable tenant for their rental property who will pay a satisfactory level of rent. This is particularly the case in capital cities where the resources slowdown has seen a blow-out in vacancy rates such as Perth and Darwin and where there is now a downward pressure on rents. 

04 April 2016

'Ugly Duckling' Ex Rental Properties Offer Opportunities for Astute Investors

A Property blog by Paul Bennion.

Property buyers considering purchasing an investment property should consider focusing on well located areas with high levels of rental properties.Former rental properties offer opportunities for fast capital gain through cosmetic renovations.These ‘ugly duckling’ ex rental properties traditionally have been neglected by their owners but offer excellent opportunities for astute investors.

30 March 2016

10 Tips for Buying off the Plan

A Tax Depreciation blog by Paul Bennion.

Buying apartments off the plan has become very popular with property investors throughout Australia over recent years.For a relatively small deposit, they can secure an apartment and then look forward to future capital growth as the apartment development is constructed. 

22 March 2016

Ask Kevin Young Episode 36 – Negative Gearing, The Current Debate

A Property blog by Kevin Young.

Are you concerned about the Labor Party’s proposed changes to Negative Gearing? Will it really create a level playing field or is it a mine field? It was a hot topic at the Property Club Wealth and Property Expo.

21 March 2016

Government now Collects over $50 Million in Taxes Every hour

A Tax Depreciation blog by Paul Bennion.

If you thought you were paying too much tax, then you should check out the latest ABS figures on Government revenue and taxation.  They confirm that Australians now pay an extraordinarily high level of taxes. 

14 March 2016

Top 10 tips when Renovating a home for Investment Purposes

A Property blog by Paul Bennion.

If you are buying an established home with a few to renovating for investment purposes check the resale price of similar renovated homes in the local area so you can determine if it is financially viable project.

10 March 2016

DEPPRO named Principal Partner of WA State 16s and 18s

A General blog by Steve Tuohey, West Australian Football Commission.

Depreciation Professionals DEPPRO have been named Principal Partner of the WA State 16s and State 18s programs.

WAFC State Talent Manager Adam Jones said DEPPRO’s support was greatly appreciated and would assist in the development of WA’s most talented young players.

07 March 2016

Why Buying Straw hats for Summer in Winter Applies to the Apartment Market

A Tax Depreciation blog by Paul Bennion.

The latest ABS building figures show that the total value of apartment approvals for January 2016 totalled $1.28 billion or around $300 million per week.Property investors continue to drive the construction of new apartment developments throughout Australia especially in capital cites such as Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. 

29 February 2016

Tinkering with Negative Gearing does not make Financial Sense

A Property blog by Paul Bennion.

Over the past week there has been a heated debate about negative gearing since the Federal Labor Party announced that it would quarantine negative gearing benefits to just new home building if it wins the next election.The Federal Coalition Government have attacked these proposed changes to negative gearing but have still left the door open to their own possible changes to negative gearing as a way to reduce the huge budget deficit.