20 November 2015

Property Market Becoming a 'Renters Paradise' as Weekly rent Increases fall Below Inflation rate

A Tax Depreciation blog by Paul Bennion.

A major residential building boom has resulted in oversupply of rental properties that is creating a ‘renters paradise’ for people wanting to rent homes in many capital cities throughout Australia. 

13 November 2015

Australians Spending Nearly $170 Million Every week on home Renovations

A Tax Depreciation blog by Paul Bennion.

The latest building approvals figures for September 2015 show that Australians committed $679 million or nearly $170 million every week on home renovations.This was not a once off anomaly because over the entire September quarter 2015, building approvals for home renovations totalled a massive $2 billion nationally.

small run down house
05 November 2015

Why Relying on Super Alone for Retirement may not be such a Super Idea

A Finance blog by Paul Bennion.

It has been recently estimated that an average Australian wage earner would need to save up to 20% of their annual income and put it into superannuation for 45 years in order to achieve a comfortable retirement.

30 October 2015

Why baby Boomers love to Invest in Property

A Property blog by Paul Bennion.

One of the key reasons why many boomers invest in property is that it protects them again the negative impact of inflation. History shows that property prices tend in increase at a faster rate than inflation over the long term. For example, the over the past decade, the annual rate of inflation has increased on average by around 2.9%

23 October 2015

Property Investment is for Stayers not Players

A Property blog by Paul Bennion.

Two fundamental principles underpin sound property investment – location and timing.Buying a property in the right location is a well understood principle but the issue of timing is less appreciated by property investors.Research shows that investors who generally hold their properties over a shorter period of time make less money than those who hold properties over the long term.

15 October 2015

Why Rookie Property Investors Target One Bedroom Apartments

A Property blog by Paul Bennion.

One bedroom apartments are generally favoured by rookie investors as their first step on the property investment ladder.A review of tax depreciation schedules that DEPPRO has completed for first time investors during 2015 reveals that a high proportion of them are for one bedroom apartments.

07 October 2015

Nearly 10 Million Dwellings now in Australia

A Tax Depreciation blog by Paul Bennion.

The size of the Australian property sector has been highlighted by the latest figures published by the ABS for the June quarter 2015.

These figures show that there were 9,528,300 dwellings or nearly 10 million in Australia which was an increase of 38,400 dwellings compared to the previous quarter.

30 September 2015

Lending to Property Investors Jumps by more than $1 Billion During the past year

A Property blog by Paul Bennion.

Despite moves by APRA to cool the property investment market, lending to property investors throughout Australia jumped by over $1 billion to $11.58 billion for the year ending July 2015.

23 September 2015

Darwin and Perth hit Hardest by Rental Slowdown

A Property blog by Paul Bennion.

The latest property figures produced by CoreLogic show that  residential rents in Australia’s capital cities are now increasing at their lowest level on record at just over 2% for the year ending August 2015. 

16 September 2015

Property Investors Warned about ATO Crackdown

A Tax Depreciation blog by Paul Bennion.

The private owners of rental properties throughout Australia need to ensure that their tax affairs are in order because the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) will be paying particular attention to tax returns by owners of rental properties for the last financial year.