22 July 2015

The Property Crash in Mining towns means that Investors need to claim their full tax Depreciation Benefits

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Just a few years ago mining towns throughout regional areas of Australia where the darling of property investors.Property prices were booming and investors were achieving annual rental returns in excess of 20% in some areas

Depreciation Tax
14 July 2015

Record slow down in rental growth highlights needs for investors to boost cashflow through claiming their depreciation benefits.

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One of the most significant trends in the Australian property market has been the major slowdown in rental growth rates for investment properties during the past twelve months

07 July 2015

Record low Interest Rates can have 'Hidden Traps' for Property Investors

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One of the key reasons for growing activity by property investors during the 2014/2015 financial year has been record low interest rates.

30 June 2015

Home Loan Lending to Property Investors Reaches Record high of $11.1 Billion

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The high level of investor confidence in the Australian property market is underlined by the latest ABS figures which show that lending to property investors reached a record high of $11.1 billion during April 2015.

23 June 2015

How Astute First Home Buyers can use Tax Depreciation Benefits to more Easily Purchase their First Property

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A major focus of the media recently has been on the plight of first home buyers who have been squeezed out of the property market by surging property prices especially in Sydney and Melbourne.

16 June 2015

Why Property Investors need to focus on the 'Hidden Taxes' of Owning Property

A Tax Depreciation blog by Paul Bennion.

Most people when they decide to buy an investment property only look at the headline costs of the purchase i.e. the price of the home and mortgage repayments. However, there are significant ongoing costs associated with owning an investment property such as property related taxes annually levelled by the State and Local Governments.

first time Investors
10 June 2015

Seven Deadly sins made by first time Investors

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The concept of ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ was historically been popularised in Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy” and more recently in the Hollywood movie SEVEN.

02 June 2015

What Is A Tax Depreciation Schedule?

A Tax Depreciation blog by Paul Bennion.

With tax time fast approaching, property investors throughout Australia should focus on claiming their full tax depreciation benefits through obtaining a tax depreciation schedule.

25 May 2015

Melbourne Residents Spending over $150 Million every month on home Renovations

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The growing popularity of home renovations in Melbourne is highlighted by the latest ABS figures on building approvals which show that during the first nine months of this financial year Melbourne residents spent $1.39 billion on home renovations.  

18 May 2015

Federal Budget Highlights surge in Personal tax Collection

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Figures show that the recent Federal Budget was predicated on collecting even higher levels of personal tax over the coming years from Australians workers.